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Sealed LED ceiling lights are the future of home lighting.  They are safe, efficient and very reliable.  It is time to replace your old halogens with LED and reap the savings.  We ONLY install the highest quality LED downlight systems available in NZ, so our customers know they are getting a reliable and safe LED lighting solution.

With our free in-home demonstration we make it easy for you to check the quality and choose your colour tone before going ahead.

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The benefits of installing quality LED downlights

Save BIG on those power BILLS

Reduce a real fire risk in your home

The Enviro friendly lighting choice

We specialize in replacing recessed downlights and new downlight installation for the greater Auckland area.

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Replace your old halogen or downlights & start saving

The cost to install LED recessed lighting is quickly paid back in savings. It’s not just the bulb and power to it, but the huge winter bills from wasted heating.  Your old halogen lighting or downlight fittings have air vent gaps in the top (because they get so ridiculously hot!) so all your warm heating air is sucked up into the cold roof by convection.  Replacing your old halogen lighting with sealed LED downlight could mean you use the heater for half the time you usually do! (Branz reports have shown) Its incredible how much of your hard earned dollars are being wasted.  Spend that money on a holiday instead of paying to your electricity company.  Learn more today with our free lighting consultation or request a quick quote and demonstration.

Affordable LED Lighting

Professionally Installed By Home LED

“I love the lights. They look great, really happy with them!” – Natasha, Henderson, 42x Barcelona LED Downlights

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Massive Guarantee

Our LED downlights have been extensively tested and come with a solid 7 year guarantee.  Home LED’s replacement service is very affordable.   How does never changing another dangerous light bulb sound?  Spend the energy savings you’ll make on a holiday instead of on electricity bills.

The Cost Of Install Is Paid Back!

The cost of replacing every light in the house with efficient reliable LED downlights is covered by your savings relatively quickly (approx 4.5 years in a normal house). We offer a professional LED for halogen replacement service.  Replacing old recessed light fittings with LED is a smart move.  LED installation can be dangerous and is best done by our qualified electricians.

Start Saving Today

Home and work lighting with LED is one part of the puzzle to making our society more environmentally friendly.  Get huge savings on your energy bills and markedly reduce a proven fire hazard in your home (old lights, in particular halogens).  Call us or use the form on this page to contact us now for your fast quote and free demonstration.

Dimmers, LED Slim Battens, LED Ceiling & Stair Lighting Installed

LED Ceiling Lights

Home LED only install the best LED ceiling lights on the market.  When a downlight won’t fit because of ceiling issues, or design considerations, LED ceiling lights are a fantastic choice.  We have various shapes, colour tones, and designs to fit any decor.  From glass to plastic, from classic to modern there are lots of choices.  These LED ceiling lights look great and have very effective diffusion so you don’t have to deal with with glary lights.  They also don’t leak expensive heating into the ceiling, which means cheaper power bills during winter.  So if you are looking for LED ceiling lights then look no further, Home LED provides an affordable and professional installation solution.

LED Slim Battens

LED slim battens are a replacement for the old ugly and inefficient fluorescent tube lighting.  Gone are the days of dangerous broken tubes from the kid’s flying soccer balls; with the new slim batten design these LED lights are safe, aesthetically pleasing and save you lots on your power bills.  Perfect for the garage or any other working space these LED slim battens generate a lot of well diffused lumens so you can see what your doing.  These new slim designs look fantastic and are a vast improvement over the old tubes.  Get LED slim battens installed by Home LED today.  Just give us a call or use the form on this page to get a fast LED lighting quote now.

LED Stair Lights

The old stair lights can get very hot and thus are dangerous and prone to breaking.  These new LED stair lights will guide your way with a safe and efficient light that will last the distance.  Home LED installs LED stair lights along with all the other common types of LED lighting for the Auckland area.  You can choose between 1.5w or 3w LED stair lights depending on how much lumens you need.  Perfect for our more mature customers who may need to get up and down the stairs at night without turning on the main lights.  Installation of LED stair lights can be complicated so best leave it the professionals.  Contact Home LED today if you need new LED stair lights installed.

LED Wall Lights

The old wall lights have one thing in common; they stop working all the time.  Which usually means you need to do the almost impossible task of changing the bulb.  Well, no more of that, with these new LED stair lights you get cheap, powerful and safe lighting that will last the distance.  These new LED wall lights are also available in a multitude of different modern designs.  Some come with dimmable & changeable LED bulbs.  Perfect for in the bedroom or above a flight of steps at night.  Home LED specializes in LED wall light installation for the greater Auckland area.  Call us now or use the form on this website to get your fast LED lighting quote today!

LED Fire Rated IP65 Downlights

Home LED can install these awesome tone changeable downlights for you in the greater Auckland area.  They are IP65 and fire rated so are made to be more dust and water resistant than your usual IP44 downlights on the market.  Which makes them great for soffits, bathrooms and anywhere else that is more exposed to the elements and needs a tightly sealed fitting.  Our qualified installers can install these fire rated downlights for you anywhere in the great Auckland region.  Get your fast quote using the form on this page then get a free demonstration from our lighting experts.

Great service, best lights on the market and at the right price. Awesome after sales service also. We love our new lights and instantly noticed the difference they make.

Phillip Aitken

We're so happy with our new lights. Our old halogens we're hanging out of the ceiling. Dave was very informative and helped us make the right choice for our home. The installation was fast and straightforward. I'd definitely recommend to others!!

Jo Putt

Excellent prompt service. The light install went really well, and has improved our dining and bathroom areas significantly. The demo really helped explain the differences between the various LED options. I would highly recommend Dave and HOMELED to potential customers.

Dave Kitney

Dave from Home LED was excellent to deal with and Nick the installing electrician is top rate and completed the job very efficiently. The lights have given a whole new look to the house.

Kaydi O'Connor

Excellent communication, prompt and very good customer service. Very pleased with the results. Friendly and knowledgeable installer. Highly recommend this team.Sue from the Waikato.


Home LED know what they're doing. Great service and quality. Thanks Dave

Tony Townley

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