A modern revolution in LED lighting around the world

Lighting is an important issue, with close to 20% of the world’s generated energy being used for it. So the evolution of home and office lighting over the last 150 years or so has taken us through incandescent, CFLs, Halogen and now LED technology. We have, over the last five years, improved the LED technology even further and reduced costs through more manufacturing volume. Now the efficiency and reliability are no longer questionable. New LED light downlight fixtures in the home and the office have considerably reduced costs by using less power, which has steadily increased in cost for them, and created an environment that is more easily regulated by air conditioning.


Because changing makes so much sense for home and business owners, uptake of LED has been increasing according to Philip’s market data. As a rough measure of this ‘switch to LED’ uptake for home owners, LED bulb sales at the supermarket were 34 times larger than the year before from February 2014. So now we are into 2016 that volume of uptake has very probably increased even more.


It is in the interest of the future-environment, there, hopefully for our kids to enjoy, that the whole worlds lighting changes exclusively to LED. The change can help us reduce overall energy use (and thus we don’t need to create as much, which is good for the environment), keep our homes and offices more comfortable, save more day-to-day money in a world of rising costs and decrease the footprint and impact or our activities.


Within the large central city areas around the world offices are changing the lighting over to LED. In some cases, energy efficiency plans, and even subsidies from the government are helping small business owners meet the initial cost of this change. It is important to remember these costs of change are actually made back in savings, usually, in less than 5 years. The monetary benefits of change are achieved after this period of pay-back, though the non-financial benefits are experienced immediately.

According to overall LED penetration into the market for 2015 was around 18% and growing rapidly. Over the next 5-10 years we shall see a complete change in the home and business lighting world with the transition to exclusive LED lighting. This is not only an inevitable change, but one that makes sense for everyone and the environment. We are home LED lighting specialists for the Auckland area in New Zealand, and will be there to facilitate this change, and help our valued customers ultimately save a huge amount of money!

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