Efficiency and reliability: LED compared to incandescent bulbs

When it comes to your lighting, which is about 8% of your bill, efficiency is important over the long-term if you want to save money. LED downlight fittings are typically 8 – 12 watts, compared to your old incandescent lights which are running at 80+watts. So you are shaving off around 70-80% of the energy just by changing the bulb type.

The amount of electricity is not the only part of lighting efficiency. You have to look at the lumen output as well, which is a measure of illumination strength. Good LED downlights can match or be brighter than the old lights. Also they don’t have the ‘heat up time’ of CFL bulbs and reach their max brightness immediately.

Another factor to consider is amount of heat that the lights generate. LED lights are so cool that we can legally put your ceiling insulation back over the top of them, so you get a full insulation cover and thus the savings on heating. Old downlights run so hot they become a real threat to your family and home. They are the leading cause of fires

The new LED downlights that we use exclusively are extremely reliable with ratings up to 40,000 hours, powerful with good lumen levels, totally sealed so there is no chimney effect with heat loss, run at such a safe temperature that we can lay insulation directly on top and restore your roof’s heat blanket completely.

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