The Home LED process for replacing an old downlight

When Home LED manages the change-over to LED downlights in your house, we take care of everything, from start to finish. The whole process is designed to be as hassle-free as possible for you.

Initially all you need to do is book in a lighting and energy assessment through our website (this one!). We will then contact you to arrange a meeting time that suits you. Our knowledgeable and friendly Home LED representative will then come to you. We take a look at your current system, initially noting the type and number of lights, ceiling spaces and insulation required. The next step is to spend a few minutes teaching you a little about LED light efficiency and why changing makes sense. We can then note the number of

lights, what wattage they are, how much you’re paying in bills each month, your heating costs and any other pertinent factors. We then input these factors into our special energy efficiency calculator which can tell us how much you’re spending with the current set up and more importantly, how much you can save! This really helps the home owner to make an informed decision and realize how much they are throwing down the drain, well not quite down the drain but into the pockets of the energy companies.

Your Home LED representative will now demonstrate the lights we use right in front of you so you can assess the quality of the light for yourself. Once you see how good they look, and how good the light looks that comes out of them it will be hard to come up with reasons not to change!

Your home LED representative can now provide you with a tailored solution plan for our services. This will include a plan of how many lights and where they are to be installed, any dimming switches and control that needs to be installed or integrated, how many re-insulation squares need to be included in installation and any other equipment specifics. We can then organize a preferred time and day for installing your new system. Our certified and experienced electrician will then come in do the job to a very high standard. Usually the whole install only takes 4 hours or so. Before you know it you’ll have a whole new beautiful lighting system and saving money every day. We thrive of word-of-mouth and would love for you to refer a friend in a similar situation with downlights that need changing. We’ll send a $100 coupon of your choice as thanks.

So now you have a full set of gorgeous new super-efficient LED downlights, it’s up to you whether you will spend the thousands of dollars in savings on a holiday to Rarotonga or a new car? Book in your assessment with Home LED today.

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