Do you need a driver for LED downlights?

Yes, most LED downlights require a driver to function properly. LED drivers are necessary to convert the high voltage of your mains electricity supply to the low voltage required by LED lights. Without a driver, LED downlights may not operate efficiently, may flicker or not turn on at all.

LED drivers come in two types: constant current and constant voltage. Constant current drivers are typically used for LED lights that have a fixed output current, while constant voltage drivers are used for LED lights that have a fixed output voltage. It is important to select the right driver for your LED downlights based on the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure optimal performance and safety.

In addition to selecting the right driver, it is also important to ensure that the driver is installed correctly and that it is compatible with the LED downlights being used. This may require the services of a licensed electrician, who can help you select and install the appropriate driver for your LED downlights.

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