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Edison Platinum Downlight

Dimmable – 5 year Warranty


  • 110mm front (92mm cut out) (820 lumens)
  • 120mm front (104mm cut out) (870 lumens)
  • 140mm front (118mm cut out) (1150 lumens)
  • 160mm front (118mm cut out) (1150 lumens)

When it comes to LED downlights, you won’t beat the cost/quality proposition of the Edison Platinum Series LED Downlight.

It ticks all the boxes; multiple sizes without an ugly flange, dimmable, safe (ICF abutted and covered), powerful lumen output, great angle/diffusion, double silicon sealed for waterproofing, aluminum heat sink and a driver with quality Japanese key components in it.

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Barcelona 13W LED

Tiltable option – Dimmable – 7 year Warranty

  • 90mm cut outs, 110mm front
  • White and silver
  • 3 colour tones: warm white, natural white, cool white
  • flanges to take the light up to 140mm on the front and 170mm on the front

The Barcelona 13W recessed LED downlight is truly a ‘Fit & Forget’ recessed luminaire, with no annoying bulb failures, while being highly energy-efficient and cool running for reduced fire risk. It is a sealed unit which has no air gap into the ceiling cavity, preventing the loss of conditioned air. This recessed downlight is guaranteed against premature failure of both the LED light engine and control gear for a period of 7 years from date of purchase.

  • Super cool running temperatures (top rated)
  • Rated for 50,000 hours!
  • Dimmable
  • Sealed to avoid the ‘chimney effect’ so your expensive heating is not wasted through the roof (Lower power bills)
  • Super efficient at only 13W (Lower power bills)
  • Rated so during installation we can insulate over the top of the lights in the roof and install up against timber (Lower power bills)
  • Guaranteed against failure for 7 years!


Dimmable – 3 year Warranty


  • 90mm cut out with 110 front
  • 125mm cut out with 145mm front

This high quality LED downlight is the ideal choice for commercial and home lighting, adopting the Samsung SMD5630 chip with a CRI of 83+.

This downlight not only meets IC-F compliance (can be completely covered) it also has IP65 compliance and can be used in wet areas including above showers in bathrooms,  outdoor in soffits, alfresco’s etc.

The compact size and high lumen output makes this downlight one of the best in its class.

  • Light approvals:  SAA, IP65 Waterproof,  IC-F (insulation maycover and/or abut to the down light)
  • IC-F : Required clearance from structural members and building elements : SCB=0mm, HCB=0mm
  • IP65 : Waterproof and dust tight. Protected from water projected from a nozzle.

Barcelona 13w Quality LED Downlight

Choose From White or Silver Trim. Get It Tiltable!

Choose From 3 Different LED Lighting Colours

We demonstrate then you choose

3000k Warm White

804 Lumens

4000k Natural White

882 Lumens

6000k Cool White

892 Lumens

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Excellent communication, prompt and very good customer service. Very pleased with the results. Friendly and knowledgeable installer. Highly recommend this team.

SueWaikato, 22x Samsung replacement, 2x 1500mm dual LED tube lighting

The lights are really good, very bright and look great!

James10 halogen replacement, Auckland city apartment

The team at Home LED did a great job replacing all our old down lights in the house. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend their service.

Mary, Auckland32 downlight replacement, 2 story home

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The cost to install LED recessed lighting is quickly paid back in savings. It’s not just the bulb and power to it, but the huge winter bills from wasted heating.  Those old lighting fittings have air vent gaps in the top (because they get so ridiculously hot!) so all your warm heating air is sucked up into the cold roof by convection.  A sealed LED downlight could mean you use the heater for half the time you usually do! Its incredible how much of your hard earned dollars are being wasted.  Spend that money on a holiday instead of paying to your electricity company.  Learn more today with our free lighting consultation or request a quick quote and demonstration.

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