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The cost to install LED recessed lighting is quickly paid back in savings. It’s not just the bulb and power to it, but the huge winter bills from wasted heating.  Your old halogen lighting or downlight fittings have air vent gaps in the top (because they get so ridiculously hot!) so all your warm heating air is sucked up into the cold roof by convection.  Replacing your old halogen lighting with sealed LED downlight could mean you use the heater for half the time you usually do! (BRANZ reports have shown) Its incredible how much of your hard earned dollars are being wasted.  Spend that money on a holiday instead of paying to your electricity company.  Learn more today with our free lighting consultation or request a quick quote and demonstration.

Our LED downlights have been extensively tested and come with a solid 7 year guarantee.  Home LED’s replacement service is very affordable.   How does never changing another dangerous light bulb sound?  Spend the energy savings you’ll make on a holiday instead of on electricity bills.

The cost of changing your lights is paid back by your new lights!


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I was looking online for someone to replace our old downlights, as well as install some additional ones (22 in total). I contacted David after reading a number of positive comments – like my one now. David was incredibly responsive (within hours on a weekend in my case), reliable, and very easy to deal with. He came around to show me the fitting options, illustrate the difference between 3k and 4k, and capture all the details of the job. Installation was done within a week by Chris (certified sparky). Chris was very diligent, conscientious, and tidy and did a fabulous job installing everything. Great service all around and very happy with the new lights.

Ping Test Avatar Ping Test
October 19, 2023

Very happy with the service. Quote was done within a few days, and installation a few days later. Price was great. Lights look amazing.

Tracey Grant Avatar Tracey Grant
October 19, 2023

David and his team of capable and friendly Electricians did a fantastic job of replacing and relocating my switch board. They also replaced all lights to Oyster lights, all light switches and power points to USB/C doubles, and fitted a sensor light. Reassuring to know that all electrical work is up to code and safe, especially for an older home. Great communication and prompt service, no issues at all. I could not fault the work done or their professionalism – highly recommended.

Tania Morris Avatar Tania Morris
July 19, 2023

Best move we ever made, thanks David your advice was spot on. Even though the wattage is lower we gained brightness with the lamp being level with the ceiling. And no more lost heat due to the old fitting. Would definitely recommend Home LED, wish e had done it sooner.

Steve Kirby Avatar Steve Kirby
June 10, 2023

Great service, fast response from initial query to installation – professional team. I love the oyster lights and new light switches. David was spot on with his advice and choice of light.

Tania Morris Avatar Tania Morris
May 25, 2023

Great service from the initial enquiry with David through to the installation of the LED lights by Chris. I would recommend using Home Led for your lighting installation requirements

Stuart Laurenson Avatar Stuart Laurenson
May 15, 2023

This is the company I recommend it to you. People are friendly, the service was absolutely professional. I was a happy customer,

davidee wang Avatar davidee wang
December 15, 2022

Thank you David! for a very professional customer service, advice and execution of the job. Will definitely recommend you whenever I have a chance! Well done!

Henry Werffeli Avatar Henry Werffeli
April 22, 2022

Monaco Series Downlight

ICF Rated / Dimmable
Colour changing (switch between 3k, 4k, 6k)
Our recommended option (Best value!)

We’ve been installing the Monaco LED series downlight for 5+ years and they have stood the test of time.  With only a handful of failures from thousands of these installed, they really are very very reliable!  You can change the tone if you change your mind and they work incredibly well (full range) paired with the new model dimmer (which you can get installed for FREE on our current special).

160mm downlight installed by home led auckland

Diamond Series Downlight

ICF Rated / Dimmable

The Diamond Series downlights are for those that are after a metallic sleek aesthetic look in their lighting.  A luxurious looking option that will suit any decor!  They also have quality build features with advanced components.  The driver itself has been upgraded many times over the years and is packed with solid tech that will help the lights withstand surges which kill inferior drivers/lights.  With a great 7 year warranty you can install the Diamond Series LED downlights with peace of mind.  Unlike the Monaco they have a separate driver that can be put above the insulation quite easily.  The Diamond series range come in 3 different sizes so you can cover any old cut outs without using flanges.

Adjust your new lighting tone (3k, 4k & 6k) with a flick of the switch

Warm White
Natural White
Cool White

The Monaco Range and our budget Ambius range LED lights have tone changing switches on them so if you change your mind on the tone in the future you can easily change.

Warm white (3k) as the older standard tone that an electrician would tell you 'is' the tone for homes. When in reality when given the choice (during our free demo) 98% of our customers have happily gone to natural white (4k). Which is far better for accurate colour rendition and any task orientated activities (cooking, reading, writing etc). In the end its a personal choice and thats why we show you the options in person, in your home so you can make the decision.

LED dimming lights are standard on every fitting installed by Home LED

Dimmer Switches Installed

New LED fittings can be bright, especially if you have a high concentration of old light fittings in your home. This often happens when replacing halogens as they were often installed quite close together.

We always recommend a new switch and dimmer for the living areas and master bedroom. But if you have an area like an office you often work in a dimmer can really help you achieve the correct light level that you work best at. On cloudy dark days turn it up and when your watching a movie dim it down. Dimmers will make your new lighting a lot better!

Modern & Guaranteed LED Lighting Installation

We install ip65 downlights which are great for bathrooms, soffits, exterior and outside conditions.

We install fire rated downlights required for education centers etc.

Most come with a MASSIVE 7 YEAR WARRANTY for peace of mind!

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More than 20x old lights to replace in your home?

Get a FREE dimmer & switch installed – Worth $165+gst – (only while stock lasts!)

Complete LED Lighting Installation Service

LED Ceiling Lights

Fast Installations

Complete LED Lighting Installation Service

LED Slim Battens

Massive 7 Year Warranties

Complete LED Lighting Installation Service

LED Stair Lights

Clean & Experienced Installs

Complete LED Lighting Installation Service

LED Wall Lights

Only top quality gear used

Affordable range of modern LED ceiling lights to suit your kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom, hallways and soffits. As well as exterior and interior LED wall and stairway lighting.
We also install a budget multi tone Ambius downlight option - $44.95 installed!
However, for reliability we recommend paying a tiny bit more for a superior quality fitting that will last, like the Monaco or Diamond Range downlights.
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