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Yup lighting in general can cause headaches in some people! The trick is getting quality LED fittings with good diffusers on the front to help disperse the light and reduce glare. Then the next trick is choosing a good colour tone.  We can help you achieve all that.

LED lights work by passing the current through a ‘diode’, hence the ‘light emmiting diode’ title.  LEDs use much less current to emit their photons/light than the old wire bulbs.  They also generate a lot less heat as the current runs through the semiconductor material, hence they are much safer and almost incapable of starting a fire.

Research has shown that blue light is the tone that will signal to your brain to wake up and release serotonin and other nuero chemicals.  Whereas a red spectrum tone will help you get to sleep by NOT waking you up.  The red tones don’t necessarily induce sleep, they just don’t get in the way so much.  Darkness is the best environment to encourage sleep!  But as you relax in the evening a more red tone will help.

LEDs were created in 1962, approximately 50 years later around 2008 LED lighting became popular in schools, offices and homes.  Over the next 10 years they steadily became the most dominant form of lighting technology around the world as halogen and fluorescent lighting was phased out.

For a lot of reasons but the most popular are efficiency (they run with a lot less power), cool running temperatures making them much safer to operate, sealed fittings so they don’t have gaps which lead to heat loss and negative convection currents in your home and the ability to achieve various colour tones on demand.

Yes, anything that has a current running through it generally heats up.  BUT the heat generated by the current running through the diodes in an LED is much less than your standard halogen bulb or fitting.  LEDs also require good heat sinks to remove the local heat generated and disperse it away from the fitting.  The efficiency of this heat transfer determines the longevity of your LED fitting.  That’s why we install only the best LED fittings on the market.

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